The Many-Headed Beast

Final Fantasy XIV // Mateus

What exactly is Chimera?

Other than a fun-loving bunch of memelords, anyway.

Chimera is a free company on the Mateus server of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. It is a roleplay / PvE oriented group that just likes to relax and have a good time. Operating since 2017, our goal is to facilitate a fun, light-hearted atmosphere for role players and non-role players alike.

We are an adult community that accepts folks from all walks of life, paths, and backgrounds. We're LGBTQIA+ friendly and do our best to provide a fun experience. (We're all adults here [18+], though the humor may well indicate otherwise from time to time.)

Though we enjoy many aspects of the game together, there's plenty we do together outside of the game, too; from movies to chill sessions and more, there's always fun to be had.

The fun never stops with this crowd.

Though we do know how to enjoy ourselves, Chimera's denizens are also pretty good at behaving when the need calls for it. Most of the time, anyway.

Roleplay Events

In addition to our 5 year old public establishment open biweekly ( The Jeweled Cypress ) we host a myriad of events consisting of slice of life, adventure / combat, and generally morally grey themes. Attendance to all is optional; life comes first, always.

The Lion's Roar

Detailing all of our in-character and out-of-character shenanigans, we introduce to you The Lion's Roar - a magazine that's produced quarterly by our members. Rife with cute artwork, amazing screenshots, advice columns and witty articles, amusement abounds for the avid and interested reader. Join us and take part!

Game-Driven Content

From treasure maps to various dungeon runs, crafting and gathering, roulettes, assistance with main scenario-related quests and queries, we enjoy doing things together and generally having a good time

Social Opportunities

From semi-regular meetings, casual hangouts in front of the free-company estate, and dabblings in other fun party games like Jackbox, Golf with your Friends, and movie nights, there's plenty of fun to be had - and room to host your own, too.

Come hang. Join us.

Our community Discord is open to friends new and old, and you don't have to be a member of the free company to hang. Drop in, chill, get a feel for us, and stay awhile.If you're looking for something a little more permanent, not a problem - just apply.

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The Leadership Team

Free Company Leaders
► Priae Negotium
► Va'lian Negotium
► Khajakan Hatasashi / Kogath Buduga
► Arleigh Negotium
A Note:
Our company infrastructure is built so that any of our members can host their own event or storyline at any time. If you'd like some help, just ask; we're only a message away!

Trial Process
Our FC works on a trial membership policy as of August 2019. New members undergo a 21-day trial period within which they may be removed if behavior / attitude is not a good fit for our community. No harm, no foul!
On Drama
No group can ever truly claim it's 100% 'drama-free'; the expectation is that, should something arise, members are to be adults about it and if a common ground cannot be reached, officer-involved mediation is available. If in the event two parties cannot agree to disagree without impacting the overall health of the group, both parties will be removed from the community.

Out-Of-Character Rules

DON'T BE A DICK. Also, 18+ individuals only.► Be a Good, Tolerant Person. Look, we get it. Everyone has an opinion, a belief system, and you're entitled to it; all that we ask is that you're respectful of others' beliefs etc. and all such 'debates' and such are really best entertained elsewhere. In addition to this, no sexist, homo / transphobic, or racist behavior will be tolerated. Jokes are jokes, but the second someone decides it not funny, see the following.► Common Decency vs. Censorship. If someone asks you to drop a certain subject or to kindly please move the conversation along, it is not that person's responsibility to explain to you as to why they'd wish that subject dropped. This isn't a means to censor you, simply to urge you to be mindful of others.► Agree to Disagree. Okay, we know we're not all going to get along, but there's a point where people need to agree to disagree on a particular subject rather than push it to a point where things are going to get ugly. Be an adult here. If you find yourself tempted to start namecalling, it needs to stop.

► Keep any and all political / heavily religious talk to DMs. It's a crazy, crazy world out there and we prefer to keep our FC and associated community spaces free and clear for people to enjoy some respite from the trials of the real world, even for just a little bit.► Don't post pornography, pornographic links, or distribute illicit or illegal content. C'mon folks, this is pretty straight-forward. Yes, we're an adult community, but we like to keep most of what we link / post here SFW. If you'd like to share some tasty artwork with someone, do so in direct messages. We appreciate you for that.► Don't advertise for other websites or services. Do promote your deviantart, patreon, etc., but don't advertise for commercial business that ain't yours.► If you gonna hate, hate quietly. Hate people all you like, but be civil in public channels. This includes voice chat, associated linkshells, and Discord text chat.

In-Character Rules

► Do your best to not blend IC and OOC. It's difficult not to sometimes, but what happens in-character should stay there for the greater good of everyone involved. Consider it a golden rule of roleplay.► IC actions = IC consequences. If you do something rash for a reason, make sure your character can handle what comes next. Draw a weapon on someone? Expect potential retaliation and / or calling of the local city's guards if you're in one of the city hubs.► Don't ERP in public. Just... don't. If you're gonna do the do, do it in party chat and inside a house/room behind a locked door. Sexual conduct is not allowed inside public areas of the FC mansion. No one wants to see your bits or just how skilled you do xxx to your significant other. What you do in private is your business but the moment it becomes public, well.. nuff said. Hand in hand with this, don't make your character solely for ERP. Chimera is a professional business that operates largely on combat and logistics. There are other FCs dedicated to brothelry! Our FC is not your personal harem, either, and don't treat it as such.► Always communicate and never force a player into something they're uncomfortable with. Self-explanatory. Anyone reserves the right to leave a roleplay at any time or not RP at all.

The Trial Process

As indicated above, our trial process is a 21-day period of time where we can gauge your overall fit for our community, as we aim to be more than just a Free Company; we're a collection of individuals that like to play a myriad of things together as well as roleplay, enjoy content, and in general support one another. As such, there are a few things we are looking for out of prospective members:A reasonable activity level. We don't ask a lot here, mainly that you're at least greeting / interacting with people on average every other day either in-game, or on the Discord. Five seconds just to say 'hi, I'm here'! We get that everyone has good and bad days; we just want to know that you're interested in being here. :)An open attitude toward communication. If you have questions, comments, concerns regarding rules, regulations, or our stance on particular processes, please do feel free to approach us! We're more than happy to help you become comfortable in just about any means possible, even if that means letting us know that we may not be a fit for you. The underlying theme here is that let us know how we can help as soon as possible!If you're an interested applicant and have any questions, comments, or concerns about our trial process, please feel free to leave us your comments in the corresponding box at the bottom of your application!

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What is the Lion's Roar?

The Lion's Roar is an intra-company magazine and newsletter that's released bi-monthly with a slew of information - from cheeky news articles to horoscopes to what's happening around the organization both in-character and out-of-character. Below you can view past issues of our magazine.Please look forward to what comes next!Feel free to click any of the links below to view our prior issues in a new tab and to flip through the pages yourself!

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